Yes, we support local regulations for composting and recycling.

Yes, they’re available in $10 denominations at any of the restaurant locations.

Yes, parking lots at most locations, otherwise free street parking.

Hours vary by day and by location. Generally, early morning through late night service and a few locations that are open 24/7. Contact each store to confirm store opening and closing times.

We’re in 29 locations throughout the Greater Bay Area and in Sacramento. See the website for more information.

Nation’s is proud to be family-owned since 1952. After 70 years, we plan to expand beyond Northern California.

Our own recipe, more meat and fewer beans. (Note: chili is not gluten-free.)

Yes. Pie crust is made from scratch at Nation’s own bakery.

Bacon is smoked with real hickory chips.

No. We use California eggs, grade AA extra-large.

Yes. The tastiest fries are always cooked frozen to ensure maximum crispiness.

No. Our salmon is wild, ocean-caught in Alaska.

Our beef is locally sourced and ground fresh daily by local butchers.

Not certified organic, but top quality, selected with care from local suppliers.

No, every meal is cooked to order. (Thanks for your patience!)

Pecan Pie, of course. Also, Banana has almonds, Banana Split has peanuts, French Apple has almonds.

Cherry pie is offered from Thanksgiving through Christmas, and in July as our Pie-of-the-Month.

April is California strawberry month. These pies are available into the summer months while quality fruit is available. Our sweet, juicy strawberries are from local farms.

Pumpkins are aged one year.

Our chocolate creme pie uses Guittard chocolate, made in the Bay Area.

Apple pies use Granny Smith apples.

Philadelphia™ brand cream cheese with a thin topping of sour cream and lemon.

Vegan customers may remove the egg wash on the crust. We don’t have gluten-free pies.

Yes. “No Dairy” pies are cherry and strawberry, when in season.

"No Sugar Added” apple pies do not contain refined white sugar. They’re not “sugar-free” as they do contain a sugar substitute and fruit juice.

Pies can be left at room temperature (except custard pie) for up to four hours.

Yes, everyday. Also, pies can be ordered up to a month in advance before Thanksgiving and Christmas

Pies are a generous 9-inch round.

Most popular pies are banana creme, chocolate creme and cheesecake.

Yes. All the pies are freshly baked by hand daily and delivered each evening.

  • Avoid messy: Just keep the burger wrapped in paper while enjoying it.
  • It’s easy to go online to order your favorite pies in advance of the holidays.
  • Try our famous chili. Nation’s own special recipe is meatier and has fewer beans.
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We will be offering franchising opportunities, more information will be available at the below link soon.


Download the Nation’s app on Google Play or on the Apple store.

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Go to nationsrestaurants.com and enter your city, address, or zip code to find a Nation’s near you.

Yes! We want to make sure that if you can’t make it to us, we can get it to you!
Don’t forget to select DELIVERY as your order type.

You can email custcomments@nationsrestaurants.com Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Or, you can leave us a detailed message at 510.237.4170. Messages will be responded to within 24 – 48 hours.

To edit your order, go to the main menu in the Nation's app and select Recent Orders. This option is only available for advance orders and customers that have created an account in the Nation’s app. You can edit or cancel your order 24 hours in advance at latest. If you checked out as a guest, you won’t be able to edit your advance order.


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